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Sustainable Coffee - 8 Best Organic Coffee Fair Trade Brands

Updated: Mar 13

Imagine waking up to the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, savoring that first sip of its rich, flavorful goodness. For millions around the world, coffee is not just a beverage; it's a cherished ritual that fuels our mornings and brings people together. Yet, hidden beneath the surface of our beloved cup of joe lies an industry grappling with environmental challenges. Fortunately, a movement is brewing—a movement towards sustainable coffee. In this blog post, we delve into the world of sustainable coffee, unraveling its significance, exploring the environmental impact of traditional coffee production, and discovering the empowering ways in which we, as coffee enthusiasts, can make a difference. Join us on this journey as we unlock the secrets of sustainable coffee and embark on a path towards a more conscious and delicious morning routine.

The Environmental Impact of Coffee Production

Behind every invigorating sip of coffee lies a hidden ecological story that demands our attention. Coffee, the world's most consumed beverage after water and tea, carries with it an environmental impact that cannot be overlooked. From the lush mountainside farms to the bustling processing facilities, traditional coffee production takes a toll on our planet. Deforestation ravages the landscapes, making way for vast monoculture plantations that strip away biodiversity. Chemical-laden pesticides and fertilizers seep into the soil, polluting water sources and endangering delicate ecosystems. And let's not forget about the carbon footprint—the emissions from transportation, roasting, and packaging that contribute to climate change. It's time to face the truth: our beloved morning elixir has an environmental price tag. But fear not, for as we delve deeper into the realm of sustainable coffee, we will uncover the solutions that can help mitigate these ecological burdens.

What is Sustainable Coffee

What sets sustainable coffee apart, transforming it into a force for positive change? It's the harmonious marriage between responsible farming practices, ethical trade relationships, and a profound respect for the planet and its people. Sustainable coffee goes beyond just being a delicious beverage; it embodies an entire ecosystem of principles and actions. It's about shade-grown coffee farms that nurture biodiversity, providing refuge for migratory birds and supporting fragile ecosystems. It's about organic farming methods that eschew harmful chemicals, preserving the soil's vitality and safeguarding the health of both farmers and consumers. Sustainable coffee is also synonymous with fair trade and direct trade, ensuring that hardworking farmers receive equitable compensation and have access to dignified working conditions. By embracing sustainability in our coffee choices, we become catalysts for change, safeguarding our environment, uplifting farming communities, and savoring each cup with the knowledge that our morning ritual has a positive impact far beyond our own enjoyment.

Why Organic Coffee is Better

Unlike its conventional counterparts laden with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic coffee takes a different path—one that embraces nature's wisdom and safeguards our planet. Picture coffee beans cultivated amidst lush, biodiverse landscapes, where shade trees provide a haven for migratory birds and delicate ecosystems thrive. By opting for organic coffee, we not only shield ourselves from harmful chemicals but also take a stand for sustainable farming practices that protect soil health, water resources, and the well-being of coffee-growing communities. So, as you prepare to indulge in that next aromatic sip, let your conscience savor the knowledge that with every organic cup, you're fostering a tastier, healthier, and more equitable world, one bean at a time.

Is Organic Coffee Good for You?

In a world where we strive to make healthier choices, it's no wonder that organic products have taken the spotlight. But what about that steaming cup of coffee we rely on to kick-start our day? Is organic coffee really worth the buzz? The answer lies in the harmonious blend of environmental sustainability, personal well-being, and social responsibility. Organic coffee, cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms, not only protects the planet but also ensures the fair treatment of the hardworking individuals behind every bean. From the lush coffee farms to your morning brew, organic coffee promotes ethical farming practices and fosters better working conditions for farmers and laborers. By choosing organic, you're not only nourishing your own body but also supporting a system that values the well-being and livelihoods of those who cultivate this flavorful elixir. So, grab your favorite mug and let's dive into the enticing world of organic coffee, where the pursuit of flavor, well-being, and social justice harmoniously unite.

Zero Waste Coffee
This Moka Pot is 8cm/3in tall to make a real espresso shot.

What to do with coffee ground leftovers

Before you bid farewell to your used coffee grounds, hold on! These seemingly ordinary remnants of your morning ritual possess a multitude of extraordinary possibilities. They're not just waste; they're a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Step into the world of coffee grounds ingenuity, where their true potential shines. Consider using them as nature's gift to your garden, enriching your soil with their abundance of beneficial nutrients, while acting as a natural insect repellent, warding off unwanted visitors from your cherished plants and even your beloved pets. But wait, there's more! Coffee grounds can also be your secret weapon for achieving silky smooth skin. Transform them into an invigorating body scrub, offering exfoliation and rejuvenation. And if all else fails, fear not, for composting is always an option, allowing these grounds to return to the Earth, completing the cycle of sustainability. So, next time you brew your cup of coffee, remember, the adventure doesn't end when you finish drinking—there's a world of wonders waiting within those grounds!

Sustainable Plastic Free Coffee Machines

Drip machine

When it comes to making coffee at home, the trusty drip machine takes center stage as a beloved companion for countless caffeine enthusiasts. And it's no surprise why—it's the epitome of simplicity. Just imagine: with a mere cup of water and a couple of scoops of your cherished coffee grounds, you're on the fast track to a perfectly brewed cup of joe. The beauty of drip machines lies in their ubiquity—they can be found in every nook and cranny, catering to all budgets and preferences. If sustainability is your cup of tea, you might even stumble upon a second-hand gem, breathing new life into your brewing routine. But wait, there's more! The convenience doesn't end there. Cleaning becomes a breeze, thanks to the straightforward two-step process. Say goodbye to the hassle of laborious maintenance—drip machines simplify the coffee-making experience without compromising on taste. So, let's embrace the ease and delight of drip machines as we embark on a flavorful journey that will elevate your mornings to new heights.

zero waste coffee - drip machine

Sustainable coffee filter

When it comes to brewing that heavenly cup of joe using a drip system, one key ingredient takes center stage: the filter. A small but mighty component, the filter holds the power to transform mere water into a flavorful elixir. But with a myriad of options available, choosing the right plastic free filter for your drip machine can feel like navigating a caffeinated labyrinth. Fear not, fellow coffee aficionados, for we are here to guide you on this epic quest.

Stainless steel filter

Are you ready to take your coffee experience to new heights? Look no further than the stainless steel filter, the plastic free warrior that elevates your morning brew to extraordinary levels. With its remarkable ability to retain the robustness and depth of flavor, stainless steel leaves no room for compromise. Unlike paper filters that can dilute the essence of your coffee, stainless steel remains a steadfast guardian, refusing to absorb even the slightest hint of flavor. The result? A bolder, darker elixir that tantalizes your taste buds like never before. But that's not all—this magnificent filter also unlocks the hidden treasure of natural oils, infusing your cup with an intense flavor that will make your coffee-loving heart skip a beat. Embrace the stainless steel revolution, and prepare to savor every sip of a coffee experience that knows no bounds.

Zero waste coffee - stainless steel reusable coffee filter

Reusable hemp filter

Just like the intricate dance between water and coffee grounds, sustainability and mindful choices entwine when it comes to brewing your favorite cup of joe. Enter the reusable hemp filter—an eco-conscious alternative to the traditional paper filter. Yet, this reusable companion requires a touch of care to keep its flavor-enhancing powers intact. After each use, like the satisfying glimmer of a stainless steel filter, a quick rinse is in order. While you could add a dash of soap to the equation, a thorough rinse becomes your secret weapon against any lingering soap residue. Admittedly, it may demand a tad more effort compared to its compostable paper counterpart, but the reward is immeasurable—a sustainable morning ritual that celebrates both your coffee and the planet it came from. So, let us embark on this cleansing journey, rinsing away the remnants of flavor and embracing the satisfaction of sustainable choices, one rinse at a time.

Zero waste coffee - reusable hemp filter

Compostable filters

For those coffee enthusiasts who crave a bright and subtly sweet brew, there's a secret weapon that adds a touch of magic to every sip – unbleached compostable paper filters. Not only do these filters elevate the flavor profile, but they also offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution. With compostable paper filters, you can bid farewell to the tedious rinsing process after brewing your dose of caffeine. Simply enjoy your aromatic elixir to the last drop and effortlessly toss the filter and coffee grounds into your compost bin. It's a win-win situation – a brighter, sweeter coffee experience and a guilt-free, sustainable choice. So, embrace the art of brewing with unbleached, plastic free, compostable paper filters and embark on a flavorful journey that leaves both your taste buds and the planet smiling.

zero waste coffee - compostable unbleached paper coffee filters

French Press

When it comes to brewing coffee, there's a world beyond the traditional drip machine. Enter the French press—a versatile, plastic free option that not only delivers a robust cup of coffee but also empowers you to tailor your brew to perfection. Picture this: adding ground coffee to your French press, pouring in boiling water, and patiently waiting as the flavors infuse. The longer you steep, the stronger the taste, allowing you to customize your morning pick-me-up or afternoon indulgence. With the French press, the power is in your hands.

But wait, there's more! This ingenious device isn't limited to coffee alone; it's a secret weapon for crafting exquisite zero waste tea. Swap out the coffee grounds for loose tea leaves, and you'll be treated to a sustainable cup of tea that's bursting with flavor. Just remember to keep separate French presses for tea and coffee, as a blend of the two might not be to everyone's liking.

So, whether you're craving a bold morning brew or a milder afternoon delight, the French press invites you to explore the realm of customizable flavors while reducing waste. Embrace the art of brewing with this versatile and eco-friendly tool that elevates your coffee and tea experience to new heights. Cheers to savoring every sip, guilt-free!

Zero waste coffee - french press

Moka pot

Have you ever dared to embark on a coffee brewing journey that transcends tradition? Enter the captivating realm of the Moka Pot – a time-honored method that promises a unique and plastic free coffee making experience. As one of the oldest brewing techniques known to coffee aficionados, the Moka Pot delivers a truly exceptional cup. With its high-pressure prowess, this ingenious contraption propels water vapor through finely-ground coffee, conjuring a robust elixir that dances tantalizingly close to the realm of espresso. The catch? While the Moka Pot gifts you with intense flavors, it demands attention in return. Its small batch size and meticulous cleaning regimen may deter the faint-hearted. But for those craving the allure of homemade espresso without the hefty price tag of a luxurious machine, the Moka Pot eagerly awaits to become your cherished companion. Brace yourself for a journey into the depths of flavor as we unveil the secrets of this remarkable coffee maker.

Zero waste coffee -  moka pot


In the realm of coffee brewing, the choices seem endless, each method contributing its own distinct charm. Enter the percolator and the moka pot, two seemingly similar devices that diverge in both technique and flavor. While the moka pot unleashes its high-pressure magic, the percolator takes a leisurely approach, allowing water vapor to meander through medium-ground coffee. And it doesn't stop there – the divergence extends to the very essence of your coffee's flavor. Picture this: a moka pot producing an espresso-like elixir, bold and intense, while a percolator whispers a different tale, crafting a cup of coffee akin to the drip machine's comforting brew. In the era before the advent of drip machines, it was the percolator that graced the countertops of bustling restaurants, faithfully pouring out pot after pot of liquid gold. Join us as we unveil the enchanting world of percolators and moka pots, unraveling the secrets behind their contrasting methods and the unique flavors they bestow upon our cherished morning brew.

Zero waste coffee - percolator


Are you seeking the ultimate coffee experience, where every element can be tailored to perfection? Look no further than the pour-over coffee maker—a sustainable option that invites you into the realm of artisanal brewing. This remarkable method not only requires the aid of a gooseneck kettle but also demands a special pouring technique as boiling (or near boiling) water gracefully cascades over the meticulously selected coffee grounds. With a pour-over coffee maker, you become the maestro, dictating the water temperature, the grind size, and the precise rate at which the hot water infuses the cone brimming with aromatic grounds. Similar to its drip machine counterpart, a filter remains essential, but fear not, for reusable filters are readily available, ensuring sustainability accompanies your quest for the perfect cup. Join the league of coffee connoisseurs and unlock the art of pour-over brewing—where control, flavor, and eco-consciousness seamlessly merge.

Zero waste coffee - pour over coffee

Single-serve pod machine

For those who crave convenience and simplicity, a single-serve pod machine, like the beloved K-cup brewing system, has become a morning ritual. Just pop in a coffee capsule, press start, and voila! No need to fuss over buying or grinding coffee beans. However, while these machines offer speed and ease, they come with a trade-off. With limited control over the coffee-making process, you sacrifice the opportunity to craft a truly personalized brew. Plus, let's not forget the burden of regular cleaning. But that's not the only downside. The amount of waste generated by these single-serving systems is a bitter reality. Each cup brings a small mountain of plastic waste, especially if you're a frequent coffee drinker. Thankfully, there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon—reusable cups. By embracing these eco-friendly alternatives, you not only reduce your environmental footprint but also regain control over the coffee you enjoy. Imagine the satisfaction of choosing your favorite organic, fair-trade coffee, ensuring that every sip contributes to a more sustainable caffeine fix. It's time to reevaluate our coffee habits, embracing both convenience and sustainability in a single, conscious sip.

Zero waste coffee - keurig

It's time to confront an inconvenient truth lurking behind those convenient single-serving coffee systems. While they may offer a quick caffeine fix, they come at a significant cost – mountains of waste. With each cup brewed, a small amount of plastic waste is generated, and for avid coffee lovers, this waste quickly accumulates. But fear not, for there's a silver lining in this tale of excess. Enter reusable cups, the hero of the modern coffee world. These eco-friendly alternatives not only help to combat waste but also empower you to curate your coffee experience. By opting for organic, fair-trade coffee, you not only enhance your daily dose of caffeine with flavor and sustainability but also contribute to a virtuous cycle that supports ethical farming practices. So, let's raise our reusable cups, toast to a greener future, and savor the delicious rewards of coffee that nourishes both body and planet.

Zero waste coffee - reusable k cups

Espresso machine

If you consider yourself a bona fide coffee addict, one who craves that daily dose of liquid gold in the form of a perfectly crafted espresso, then an espresso machine is a must-have in your caffeine arsenal. Sure, they may come with a price tag and a bit of a learning curve, but trust us when we say that the rewards are oh-so-worth-it. Picture this: a velvety, aromatic shot of espresso, with a rich crema cascading over the edges of your cup, delivering a burst of intense flavor and a caffeinated jolt like no other. But, as with any love affair, there's a catch. Espresso machines demand your attention and care, requiring regular descaling and cleaning to ensure optimal performance. Much like a moka pot, these machines work their magic by forcing hot, pressurized water through finely ground coffee, held tightly within a portafilter. Whether you opt for a semi-automatic or a fully automated model, there's an art to the process that you'll need to master in order to pull that perfect shot of espresso. So, if you're ready to embark on an espresso adventure, buckle up and prepare to be captivated by the intricate dance of flavors, the symphony of aromas, and the pure joy that only an espresso machine can bring to a true coffee aficionado like yourself.

Zero waste coffee - espresso maker

Best Organic Coffee Fair Trade Brands

Picture yourself sipping on a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, knowing that every sip supports the environment and the hands that bring this heavenly elixir to life. While the ideal scenario would be to indulge in locally produced coffee, the reality is that our beloved beans predominantly hail from countries along the equator, like Brazil, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. Fear not, coffee enthusiasts, for this global availability opens up a world of choices for our daily dose of caffeine. As we strive to be conscious consumers, it's essential to seek out options that not only tantalize our taste buds but also align with our values of sustainability and fair trade. Join us on this flavorful journey as we explore the realm of ethical organic coffee, where each sip becomes a statement of support for both our planet and the dedicated individuals who craft this liquid gold.

Java Planet

Indulge your senses with a coffee that captures the essence of nature's bounty. Nestled in the fertile lands of Guatemala's Huehuetenango region, this extraordinary brew is a testament to the artistry of sustainable coffee cultivation. Picture the coffee plants, thriving under the nurturing shade of guava, plantain, and banana trees, their presence infusing the beans with vibrant fruity undertones. With each sip, your taste buds will dance to the symphony of caramel and chocolate subtleties, carefully preserved through our medium roast. But it doesn't stop there; this Guatemalan delight goes beyond the realm of flavor. Certified organic, Bird Friendly, and Fair Trade, it embodies the values of fair pricing, workers' rights, and environmental stewardship. With every purchase, you contribute to protecting wildlife and ensuring a brighter future for the planet. So, as the morning sun illuminates your kitchen, brew a cup of this Guatemala gem, and let its ethical allure and unparalleled taste be the perfect start to your day.

Zero waste coffee - organic fairtrade coffee

Gobena Coffee

Step into the world of Gobena Coffee, where every sip carries the flavors of compassion, sustainability, and empowerment. This exceptional coffee, sourced from the esteemed Asobagri Cooperative in Guatemala, is a testament to the dedication and hard work of small family farmers. By enjoying a cup of this 100% organic coffee, you not only savor its delightful aroma and exquisite taste, but you also become a supporter of these resilient families. What sets Gobena Coffee apart is its profound impact on the lives of orphaned children. With 100% of the profits dedicated to Orphan Care and Orphan Prevention, each purchase becomes a powerful act of kindness, providing shelter, education, and hope to those in need. With every sip, you can take pride in knowing that you are not just enjoying a delicious brew, but actively making a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned kids. Embark on a remarkable journey with Gobena Coffee, where the joy of a perfect cup intertwines with the transformative power of compassion.

Zero waste coffee - organic fairtrade coffee

Tiny footprint coffee

Indulge in the essence of Peru with each delightful sip of this medium roast coffee that promises an easy-going experience from dawn till dusk. Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Peru, this exquisite blend embodies a harmonious symphony of flavors. Prepare to be captivated by its velvety, soft caramel-like mouthfeel, gently accompanied by the elegant zest of citrus acidity that dances on your taste buds. As you reach the grand finale of each cup, you'll be left with a sweet, clean finish that leaves you craving more. But that's not all - our Peru Medium Roast comes with an extraordinary twist. It proudly carries the title of being the world's first carbon-negative coffee, courtesy of Tiny Footprint Coffee. With every delightful sip, you're not only treating your palate but also contributing to a greener future. By choosing this exceptional blend, you're helping to combat climate change, as it produces less than zero carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. So, let the flavors of Peru envelop your senses, knowing that your morning ritual is making a positive impact on the world.

Zero waste coffee - organic fair trade coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Are you in dire need of a morning pick-me-up that packs a punch? Look no further than Death Wish Coffee, a true game-changer in the world of java. Brace yourself for a bold and intense beverage that will jolt your senses and revolutionize your mornings. Meticulously crafted from a selection of premium Arabica and Robusta whole coffee beans sourced from around the globe, this dark roast concoction boasts a flavor so daring, you'll be head over heels at first sip. Say goodbye to lackluster mornings and hello to a coffee experience that dares to push boundaries. Death Wish Coffee is here to awaken your taste buds and ignite your day like never before.

Zero waste coffee - organic fairtrade coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee

Smooth, savory, and seductive, Three Sisters coffee blend pays tribute to the towering Canadian Rocky Mountains. This medium roast, whole bean delight boasts a well-rounded and complex flavor profile with hints of sweet tobacco, stone fruit, and cocoa. Grown responsibly in Indonesia, Central, and South America, it carries organic, fair trade, kosher, shade-grown, and Arabica certifications. Roasted in the heart of the Rockies, each sip embodies the deep, dark, and delicious essence of these majestic peaks. Elevate your coffee experience while supporting sustainability, one irresistible cup at a time.

Sustainable Coffee - kicking horse coffee


Embark on a sensory journey with every sip as you unlock the tantalizing flavors concealed within a single 2.2 lb. bag of Lavazza Organic Tierra Italian whole coffee beans. This extraordinary blend boasts a rich, full-bodied Italian roast that dances on your palate, enchanting it with delightful hints of honey, malt, and chocolate. But the allure doesn't end there. This coffee is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a testament to sustainability. With USDA Organic, Canada Organic, UTZ, and Euro Leaf Organic certifications, every bean is a product of 100 percent sustainable practices, nurturing both the environment and the communities involved. Crafted from the finest Premium Arabica beans and meticulously roasted in Italy, this blend unleashes a symphony of flavors that is ideal for espresso enthusiasts. However, don't be mistaken—its versatility shines through, making it equally suitable for any coffee maker. With Lavazza Organic Tierra Italian whole coffee beans, elevate your coffee experience to new heights, one sip at a time.

Sustainable Coffee - lavazza


Prepare to elevate your coffee experience to new heights with our specialty ground coffee. Crafted with meticulous care and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our medium dark roast is a true masterpiece. With every sip, you'll be captivated by its velvety texture, tantalized by its rich flavor, and entranced by its bittersweet symphony. We spare no effort in sourcing exceptional ingredients, carefully selecting beans that possess the perfect balance of complexity and depth. From the moment the aromatic fragrance envelops your senses to the last lingering taste on your palate, our specialty ground coffee promises an unparalleled journey of flavor, where each sip is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering coffee perfection. No compromises, just pure bliss in every cup. Prepare to savor a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary, one that truly embodies the artistry and passion of the coffee connoisseur.

Sustainable Coffee - allegro


Indulge in the ultimate coffee experience with Puroast. Specially crafted for coffee lovers with heartburn, acid reflux, and gastrointestinal issues, Puroast offers a low acid blend that's gentle on your stomach. But that's not all. Puroast boasts 7 times the antioxidants of green tea and 5 times the antioxidants of leading coffee brands, thanks to their unique roasting process. With a commitment to purity, Puroast roasts for quality, not volume, using no additives or extractions. The result is a smooth, aromatic coffee without the bitterness or aftertaste. They also prioritize sustainability, sourcing high elevation grown beans that are kosher and chemical/pesticide-free. Experience the pleasure of Puroast's pure and flavorful coffee while gaining relief from digestive issues. Treat yourself to a cup that's good for your well-being and the environment. Choose Puroast and savor every sip with confidence.

Sustainable Coffee - puroast

As we bid adieu to our exploration of sustainable coffee, let's raise our eco-friendly mugs in celebration of a new dawn for our beloved beverage. With each mindful sip and intentional choice, we have the power to create a lasting impact. By embracing the principles of zero waste, we embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and responsible coffee culture. From sourcing ethically grown beans to opting for reusable cups and finding ingenious ways to repurpose coffee grounds, we are paving the way for a brighter future—one that harmonizes our love for coffee with a deep-rooted commitment to our planet. So, let us continue to savor each moment, not just in the pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup, but also in knowing that we are part of a growing community united by a shared vision: a world where coffee brings joy without leaving a trace. Together, let's toast to plastic free coffee, where every sip nourishes our souls and the planet we call home.

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