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Buttons Review - Real Nappy Week Day 3

Updated: May 31

It is Real Nappy Week! Meaning that this whole week is dedicated to celebrate cloth diapers and promote their benefits to make them more mainstream among new moms. During this week I will be reviewing a different cloth diaper brand each day. Today I will be reviewing Buttons.

Other brands that have been reviewed during this week are Rumparooz, TotsBots, Grovia and Alva.



Background info about Buttons

Buttons as a cloth diaper brand was born at home. Amy and Scott, the husband and wife team, designed the diapers to be easy to use and affordable for everyone. They strongly believe in keeping our lives simple, which should also be the case for diapering. The company was born in Northwest Washington, but has relocated to northern Idaho, where the family with 4 kids enjoys hiking, biking, and playing in the sunshine and snow! The headquarter is in a barn that was renovated into offices - the "Buttons Barn"!

All the diapers are CPSIA certified, meaning they are safe for your baby as well as for the environment. Buttons as brands produce their products responsibly in China. When you purchase Buttons Diapers, you are supporting a small family business.


Buttons diapers

Buttons mainly produce covers and inserts to go with these covers. They are an all in 2 or snap-in one diaper. The cover can be used with their inserts or over a fitted diaper, prefold, or terry square (from a different brand as Buttons does not produce any of these). These last two are especially nice when you have a newborn. Buttons is great for babies who are on the smaller side. The snaps in front of the diaper will make sure the diaper grows with your baby when (s)he gains weight over time. Their double gusset system is great to keep the mess within the diaper. No more explosion along your baby’s back that disposables are known for. As I am a sucker for cute animal prints, I have a few of the Buttons covers in my cloth diapering stash. Their fox print is just so cute!

Buttons Cloth Diaper review

The inserts that go with these diapers are used to make it an all in two systems. Just snap the insert onto the cover and the diaper is ready to go. Several inserts are available ranging from organic cotton bamboo mix to organic cotton hemp mix to microfiber. Each of the materials has its advantages. Microfiber is great during the day and absorbs moisture super fast. Hemp is great as is absorbs a lot of moisture but not as fast as microfiber. A combination of the different materials will make a great overnight solution using these Buttons inserts. First fast absorbency (microfiber) to keep the moisture away from the skin then slower absorbency (hemp) to keep the moisture away until the morning. Read more about the differences between natural materials here.


Buttons covers are one of my favorites for my skinny girl. I don’t use the inserts to make the snap-in 2 diaper but I use them in the pockets I have. When you are considering cloth diapers I would recommend buying several systems and brands to find out what you like and what fits your baby and a Buttons covers should definitely not be forgotten.

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