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Zero Waste Sex

Updated: Feb 8

Let’s talk about sex. Yes, we are going to talk about it. We are all grown up sexual human beings who enjoy the intimate company of one another preferably regularly. As we are also responsible human beings, we want to have sex as sustainable as possible. Last week we talked about several contraceptive methods and how sustainable they are, so you could decide for yourself which suits your situation best. Now that we have tackled preventing pregnancy, let's talk about several other aspects. 

Zero Waste Sex


Lube is great for sex but not always very environmentally friendly. Lubrication is often silicon-based which is made from petroleum. Petroleum-based lubrication is something to stay away from as the oil industry is known for its water waste and the release of greenhouse gases. Luckily, there are several water-based lubricants out there that are completely petroleum and paraben-free.

- Sliquid Organics Lubricant Sensation is vegan and has 100% recyclable packaging.

- Sliquid Naturals H20 is formulated to emulate your body's own natural lubrication. It is vegan and paraben-free.

- Good Clean Love has Patented Bio-Match technology that may help protect the sensitive vaginal ecosystem while providing maximum natural glide. Just like the other lubricants, this one is also vegan and paraben-free. 


As most lubricants are packed in plastic that is often not recyclable, you could opt for a 100% natural lubrication namely aloe vera and coconut oil.

You could buy 100% aloe vera in a store (this is a clean gel) or you could skip the packaging entirely by using the plant. This might be a bit awkward but it is the most sustainable option. A downside of aloe vera is the pretty bitter taste.

Coconut oil is also an option. Unlike aloe vera, coconut oil smells great, tastes good, and you probably already have it. You can buy it in glass so you can recycle it. A downside of coconut oil (or any other oil-based lube) is that it can break down latex condoms. 

Zero Waste Sex

Skip shower sex

Sex in the shower can be fun but it is a lot of water wasted. Especially when you live in dryer areas like the east coast of the US or southern Europe making it a lot less fun.


Do you like to spice it up a bit or are you without a partner? A toy can be a lot of fun but they are often made with plastic. Glass or metal toys are a great alternative as these are much more sustainable produced. When you have a battery-operated toy, remember to use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Another option is a solar-charged toy. This solar bullet vibrator needs 8 hours of sunshine and is ready to play.


Clean up

If you need to clean up after sex, skip the disposable wipes. Even though the package might say it is ‘flushable’ they are bad for the environment and can clog up sever systems. Use reusable wipes to clean up and wash them. All the ‘dirt’ is water-soluble anyway.

I hope this list gives you some inspiration to make the bedroom more sustainable while keeping the fun. 

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