My Top 5 Favorite Zero Waste Products

Updated: Jun 4

These are my top 5 favorite zero waste products that not only reduced my carbon footprint, it also saved me a lot of money. I did not start using them all at once but they gradually entered my life step by step making my life increasingly more sustainable.

Menstural Cup

Changing to a menstrual cup was quite scary for me. I bought my Lunette cup right after the birth of my baby girl but it took me a few months to actually start using it. The birth of my baby girl was hard on my body so I was a bit hesitant. Once I ran out of organic tampons I knew it was time to give it a try and I have to say, I never looked back. Sure, the first time using it was a bit weird and you are wondering; ‘Am I doing this correctly?’ ‘Did I put it in right?’ but after trying a few times I got the hang of it. Do you need more motivation to start using a menstrual cup? Take a look here.

Shampoo bar

I love the shampoo bar I am currently using. It is from Ethique and it smells divine! Even though I am usually not a big fan of coconut, I love it in this bar. It is probably because it is mixed with cocoa butter (yummy). I used to use a bar from Lush which, unfortunately, left lots of residue in my hair and caused an itchy scalp. This bar results in a nice and creamy lather and lasts for months. This Ethique bar works great for me so for now, this is my to-go brand.  

unpaper kitchen towels

Unpaper towels

I used to use way too many paper towels in the kitchen. Luckily I found an alternative. These unpaper towels look so pretty in my kitchen and save me tons of trips to the grocery store for another pack of disposable paper towels. This is such a great addition to your zero waste kitchen and there are so many adorable prints to choose from.

Favorite Zero Waste Products

Cloth diapers

I absolutely adore my cloth diapers. They have saved me lots of money and lots of time by not having to check for the latest diaper discounts and go to the grocery store. Next to saving money, I also have prevents my baby to come into contact with too many chemicals the are present in disposable diapers (the blue gelling agent). Cloth diapers also look super cute on a baby’s bum and provide a nice cushion when kids learn to walk. Do you want more benefits of cloth diapers? Take a look over here.

reusable baby wipes

Reusable baby wipes

Another product that saves my baby’s bum from getting into contact with lots of chemicals. I initially used them only during diaper changes but now I use them for everything. For hands, faces and noses but also for spills and even in and around the house. They are great for dusting too! I have plain white but I kind of regret it because there are just so many cute prints that would make cleaning even better. 

These are my 5 favorite zero waste products that not only have made my life more sustainable, they also save me a lot of money. What is your favorite zero waste product?

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Unpaper Towels?

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