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Wobble Board Review

Updated: Feb 28

Today I would like to review one of my baby girl's favorite wooden toys. The Wobble board. This is such a simple piece of wood yet the diversity of it unlimited. With only a little bit of imagination, the Wobble balance board can give you and your kids hours of playtime.

Environmentally friendly

I would like to start with why I (and not my kid) love it. It is very environmentally friendly made with sustainable European FSC certified beech wood and treated with water-based paints and varnishes. To protect your floors you could opt to go for an additional layer of either cork or eco wool felt. Both are natural products (although the latter is not vegan of course) and the wool is naturally colored to avoid the use of chemicals on toys for your kids. Even though cork is more sustainable than wool felt, I choose one with felt is it was more budget-friendly.



Did you know that the wobble balance board can hold up to 200kg/450 pounds? So you and your kids can play on it together. Teaching my 18 month year old how to balance and swing from side to side on the hollow side of the board was a lot of fun doing together.

Wobble Balance board

Open-ended toy

The wobble balance board is an open-ended toy. This means that there is no one way to play with it (like in a video game) but there are several options. This comes with some great advantages to open-ended toys.


Kids have endless imagination and the wobble is a great toy to use all of that. My girl has used the round side wobble as a bridge for her toy cars, as a slide for her self or her dolls or as a step up to reach to the top of the table (which I do too btw). The hollow side is also fun for toy cars as these keep going back and forth but it is also a great bed for rocking her dolls and she also reads on it sometimes. She probably has used it in more ways but this is all I saw so far.


Balancing on the wobble is a great way to stimulate your kids' development. Climbing the board will help with developing motor skills and sliding a toy car back and forth will help with your kids' hand-eye coordination.


Costs effectiveness

The wobble is study enough to lasts for years and, as your kids grow older, it will develop a new way to use the balance board. A dear friend of mine has an 8-year old that still uses the balance board making this a very cost-effective toy.

Even though a wobble balance board might be pricy, be careful with cheaper alternatives. You don’t want to remove splinters from your kids' hands or paint that comes off.

So you have read, I am a big fan of the wobble balance board. It might have been a big chunk of money but my baby girl still plays with it on a daily base so it was definitely worth the investment.

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