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7 Experts on Sustainable Living share their Unconventional Zero Waste Tips for Beginners.

Updated: May 26

Want to live more sustainably but it can often be overwhelming. When you take a closer look at what is going on in and around your house, you may notice that there is just so much that could have been more sustainable. Here are 7 experts in the sustainable living community that share their non-conventional tips with you.

Lindsay from TreadingMyOwnPath

Use what you have, make it last, fix/repair it if you need to, and only replace things as a last resort. It might not be the popular opinion, and it's tempting to want to buy 'eco-friendly' products made from natural materials, but globally our waste problem doesn't stem from a recycling crisis, it stems from an overconsumption crisis. Every time you don't buy something and make what you have last, you're having a more positive impact on the planet than you are when you buy more stuff, even when that stuff is ‘sustainable'.