10 sustainable gifts for a foodie

Buying gifts for anyone can be a challenge. You want to give the person something thoughtful, something useful but also something sustainable. That is certainly a challenge. To help you along I have made a list to give you some inspiration to help you find a gift for your favorite foodie friend.

10 Sustainable gifts for a foodie

Making your own meals is the most sustainable food option. When making good food is becoming more than just a necessity and more your passion, you want cookware to match. This Iron cast Dutch oven not only looks great on the stovetop, but it will also help your friend/loved one make the most delicious slow-cooked meals.

A bread-maker is a nice and versatile gift. The bread-maker I have is most often used for dough (pizza dough) but can also be used to make jam and of course bread. 

Unpaper kitchen towels are great for your eco-friendly lifestyle and make an awesome gift. This reusable paper towel roll is a beautiful alternative for disposable paper towels as they are available in multiple prints to make sure they will fit in each kitchen decor.

Do you also dislike using foil as it never goes your way? Then a reusable bowl cover might be what you are looking for. Using a bowl cover, you can easily cover your dinner leftovers and place them in a refrigerator. These covers even contain smells so you don’t have to worry about a smelly fridge. Next to bowls you can also use a bowl cover for glasses, plates or pans. Food storage has never been this easy!

10 Sustainable gifts for a foodie

When the foodie is not vegan a fancy piece of cheese might be a nice option. Maybe even next to a good bottle of wine. Do you have more money to spend? How about a cheese and or a wine tasting to make it a very special day? By the way, did a know that there is such a thing as a wine subscription? An awesome gift for your wine lover.

A cooking class is a nice way to spend some time with a loved one or a dear friend while learning something new. Maybe you want to learn how to make your own pizza or maybe you have a friend or family member who loves to learn how to make sushi. Either way to get to spend some time together doing something fun and enjoy a (hopefully) nice meal at the end. 

Another nice experience might be visiting a large food event/fair. I am not a big foodie but I love the vibe around such an event. The tasting of new stuff and seeing new innovations in the kitchen world. It is just a great place to get inspiration for new dishes to try.

I hope this list gives you some inspiration for gift giving. Especially on the fact that not all gifts have to be ‘stuff’ experience can be an awesome gift as well. 

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