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5 Awesome Sustainable Father's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: May 26

We all know that the best gift is not the most expensive one, but the most valuable and memorable one. So, read on to find five different ideas for Father's Day gifts that will make him smile and remember this special day.

Whichever idea you opt for, try to make it as zero-waste and sustainable as possible. If you do not have the needed supplies at your home, look for sustainable and eco-friendly options, as well as pre-loved ones. You do not need to spend every penny you have available; most people prefer when it is clear it was made with love, not loads of money.

Fathers are immensely proud of their children and feel very happy when they make something for them. Therefore, instead of rushing into the store, try to engage the little ones to participate in creating the gift (or at least in using/eating it).

Fathers day gift ideas sustainable

Home-made piece of art

Suppose your kids are too little to do something artistic by themselves and can not even participate in making it; in that case, you can do something as the partner of your kids' father. Let us say you feel incredibly creative; try to find some kid-friendly paints to create a piece of art by painting with your kids' feet and hands. You can always use natural food coloring (because kids eat everything), dip the kids' hands and feet into it, and press it onto the canvas. And add a nice message to it in the end. Innovative, sustainable, and memorable.

If they are big enough, they can make some drawings or a piece of art on their own; think about a miniature sculpture; clay is a very sustainable material that can be used for many art projects, and kids love playing with it. You can make it into a family project as well.

On the other hand, if you have two left feet when it comes to art, print some memorable photos, and make a scrapbook or collage out of them.


A special holiday meal

As before, if your kids are big enough, let them cook for their father. It can be a simple sandwich, made with the best ingredient of them all – love – or even a decent meal provided they can do it. Whatever they choose to make, they can decorate the dinner table, make the special paper menus, and pretend they are the waiters. There can even be some special drinks, of course, without the plastic straws!

If the kids are too small, you can make something you all can enjoy, a cake with a special inscription or something you do not eat regularly. And if you make a unique occasion while eating it, everyone will remember this day.

A trip somewhere nice

A trip somewhere special is always a great idea, particularly when you celebrate a significant occasion as Father's Day is. There are so many awesome zero-waste trip ideas to explore, but in the end, even a nice walk to the park can do, especially if you turn it into a picnic with sandwiches, healthy snacks, and loads of fun.

On the other hand, if the father loves something in particular, for example, old cars, take him to a museum he has never been to before or some special show that is taking place near you. Just try to keep it a secret before you actually go, not to ruin the surprise. This can be very challenging when you have (little) kids because they will get very excited, and it is pretty difficult for them to keep quiet about it.

You can even throw a surprise Father's Day party! Invite family and friends and hang out; everyone loves one of these.

Fathers day gift ideas sustainable

An old and rare item

Search for a book he has been chasing for a while. Explore antique book stores, look it up online. Maybe some of his favorite childhood books were printed as a special edition when he was a kid, and he would like to read them to his children now.

Or some collector's items if he is into that kind of stuff. Old baseball cards, some movie memorabilia, etc. People really love when they receive a present which took some time and effort to get, not the first thing from the store.

Customized water bottles, lunch boxes, or anything he uses daily

fathersday gift idea - water bottle

Men drink water too! And eat lunches as well. :)

Nowadays, you can find online many sustainable everyday items which can be customized to your liking. You can find, for example, metal water bottles that can be inscribed with a special note marking this important holiday; the same is with metal lunch boxes. Maybe he needs a new cotton bag for the store or a backpack; you can easily find something which will make him smile. When he is talking about stuff he needs, pay attention, and try to discourage him when he says he will buy it.

Use this opportunity to get him something he already needs but make it a little bit more special than when he would get it for himself: you will kill two birds with one stone.


In case you assume he needs something, but you cannot put your finger on it, there is always a possibility to give him a gift card from his favorite shop. This may not be the most personal and original present that ever existed, but if you add a nice note to it, explaining why he is such a great father, maybe it will not be as impersonal as it seemed initially.

Father's Day is a beautiful holiday that shows the value of fathers in our families and lives. The holiday also highlights why fathers are important in society at large as well.

Let him feel really special on this particular day by showing how much the whole family cares about him and shower him with love and admiration. And, in the end, do not forget that the best gift is not the most expensive and lavish one, but the one into which the most thought was put.

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