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4 tips for a plastic-free postpartum

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

For months you live towards the moment that you can give birth and finally meet your baby. Often not much thought is given to the moment right after birth. Here you can read a few tips to help you along the way. 

Plastic free postpartum

Cloth pads / Maternity pads

After you gave birth, you will experience some bleeding for a couple of weeks. This is pretty normal. When you are healing from a vaginal birth you want to use the softest material available near your delicate bits.

Reusable ones are a great choice. These are softer compared to disposable ones and they contain fewer chemicals. Cloth pads made with organic bamboo are incredibly soft for your delicate skin and, if needed can be filled with more absorbent material. Are you just too overwhelmed with everything and are unable to use reusable ones (I sure was)? Opt to go for organic cotton disposable pads. Non-organic cotton might be treated with bleach (to make them more white) which might cause skin irritation. Something you simply want to avoid while healing. 


Nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads are great in combination with breastfeeding your baby. These breast pads are made with super soft organic bamboo and absorbent hemp. Using these reusable pads, you are not be exposed to chemicals that might be present in non-organic disposable nursing pads. Opt to go for organic disposable nursing pads if you are not up for reusable right giving birth. Some organic nipple balm with calendula might also be a good idea for those sore nipples. 

Plastic free postpartum

Witch hazel

Witch hazel (the alcohol-free version) is a plant that is best known for its ability to help clean wounds, lessen swelling and stimulate blood flow. This makes it a great product for natural postpartum healing. Spray a little witch hazel on a (cloth) pantry liner and place them on your maternity pads. This direct contact will help heal irritated areas. It’ll keep stitches clean, lessens swelling and help you heal faster. Do you need some cooling too? Place the liners you just spray in the freezer for a few minutes before using it. 



I really did not feel like cooking the first few weeks after the birth of my baby. Luckily, I had lots of meals prepped in the freezer so I did not need to. During the last weeks of pregnancy, I prepared some large meals and had several portions store for the postpartum time. You could off course also ask your partner. Also, prepare some filling snacks (for me these were breakfast muffins with some veggies) as when you start breastfeeding you will be hungry all the time. 

Bonus tip:

Hire someone to do your household chores/cleaning (at least for the first few weeks). Your priorities are with your baby (as it should be). This way your house will look somewhat presentable for those guests who can’t wait to see your baby.

I hope these tips will help you through those overwhelming first weeks with your newborn while going for the most natural options out there. 

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