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Grovia Review - Real Nappy Week Day 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

It is Real Nappy Week! During this week, many brands dedicate this whole week to celebrating cloth diapers and promoting their benefits to make them more accessible among new moms. To this day cloth diapers are still looked down upon and considered something dirty and time-consuming to do and I want to help remove the stigma from it.

As I have been cloth diapering for some time now, it seems like a good idea to share my experience with different brands of cloth diapers. Over the past several years, I have tried many different types and brands, but not all successful, which I want to share with you. Today I will be reviewing Grovia

Other brands that have been reviewed during this week are Rumparooz, Nora’s Nursery, Buttons, and Alva.



Grovia is part of The Natural Baby Company. This company began as Montana’s Diaper Store, an online shop operating out of founder Kim Ormsby’s laundry room. This quickly grew into the inspiration that would revolutionize the natural parenting industry. In 2008, Kim created a line of eco-friendly parenting products (Grovia being one of them) to solve the daily issues parents face while nurturing their babies, and developed The Natural Baby Company. The goal of The Natural Baby Company is to provide products that are the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly to parents throughout the world.


Grovia has multiple production sites. Each site is specialized in different products. They have production sites in the U.S.A., Pakistan, and China. Most of their products are organic and to be qualified as organic, GOTS has strict regulations regards to trade and labor practices. So all their products are ethically made as this is part of the GOTS certification.

Types of cloth diapers

All in One

If you are looking for an easy way to start cloth diapering, ONE might be your best option. This is an abbreviation for Outlast closure, has No prep, and is Easy to use. This is an all-in-one diaper meaning no stuffing or folding. It has sufficient absorbency as a diaper during the day and if your little one is not a heavy wetter during the night, it could even work overnight. The microfiber booster absorbs moisture super fast and the cotton top layer is soft against my kid's skin. The snaps give you 3 different sizing options so this diaper grows with your child. My man loved that these cloth diapers have a hook and loop closing instead of snaps. He is not a big fan of snaps so when he does a diaper he often picks this one because of the hook and loop system. In short, this is one of the few great all-in-one cloth diapers out there. You might need to dig deeper into your wallet but you will save lots of time with this easy all-in-one diaper that even grandparents/daycare could use.

Grovia Cloth diapers - O.N.E


Hybrid is another well-known type of Grovia cloth diaper. This is what is called an all-in-two or snaps-in-one. Using a Grovia cover, the different inserts can be used to create a diaper with an absorbency that is just right for you. Smaller inserts can be snapped into the cover during the day (or for a smaller baby) and larger inserts can be snapped in to be used to create a diaper for during the night. What makes the Grovia covers amazing is that this one has a mesh inside to allow more air circulation against your baby’s skin to prevent possible rashes. These covers can also be used with prefolds or terry squares if you want an even more budget-friendly option.

They even have disposable biosoaker pads if you are looking for an option to slowly transition into cloth diapering. These are also great if you are about to travel but don’t want to bring all your cloth diapers and don’t want to use disposable ones either.

Grovia Cloth diapers - Hybrid


Grovia’s inserts or soakers are a little different. Where most brands simply make a rectangle, groves make their inserts curved with super soft microfleece around the legs for extra comfort for your baby. The snaps secure the pad in place to keep your baby dry all day long.

Grovia Cloth diapers - inserts

Swim Diapers

Grovia’s swim diapers come in 3 different sizes, so no adjusting with snaps. The inside is made with a soft material that is great against your baby's sensitive skin.

Note: A swim diaper (both reusable and disposable) is not made to absorb bodily waste. They are made to ensure that it does not end up in the swimming water.

Grovia Cloth diapers - swim diapers

Price range

  • All in One: $22 - $28

  • Hybrids: $17 - $19

  • Inserts: $9 - $12

  • Swim Diaper: $15 - $18

Grovia ONE system is my favorite all-in-one cloth diapering system. It is so easy to use and very convenient for when we are away for a day or at daycare. When you are considering cloth diapers I would recommend buying several systems and brands to find out what you like and what fits your baby and the Grovia ONE all-in-one diaper is something you need to try on your baby.

More about Cloth Diapers

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