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The Sweet Side of Sustainability: 7 Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Brands You'll Love

Updated: Mar 28

It’s no secret that the world of production and businesses has been less than ethical in their various ways of manufacturing their products throughout the years, especially big corporations. From the carbon emissions that come out of big factories every year to the less than humanitarian and sometimes dangerous working conditions of their employees. Big corporations have been wreaking havoc since the industrial revolution.

But lately, people are becoming more aware of these atrocities, of the danger these industries are to our planet, and the harm they cost their workers. The workers in question often being children and people in need from underdeveloped countries, constantly being taken advantage of. As such, new, more ethical alternatives, such as organic farming and fairtrade work, have started to emerge from people's willingness to make a difference. And if there is an industry that needs some reform, it’s the chocolate-making industries.

According to the US Department of Labor, in 2005, 92 percent of children aged between 5 and 15 years old are involved in heavy load carrying work in the cocoa industry. Furthermore, brands such as Hersey, Mars, and Nestle broke down their promise of abolishing child labor among their ranks. As a result of that, people are starting to seek different more ethical alternatives to satisfy their craving guilt-free.