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20+ Eco Kidswear Brands for Sustainable Kiddos

Updated: May 31

We love to dress our kids in nice clothing. When they are young, you decide for them what they wear and what looks cute on them but once they get older, they develop their own personal taste and develop an opinion which means you have less say in it. To give your kids lots of options, you can find over 20 eco kidswear brands to give your children lots of organic clothing options to choose from.

Why organic children’s clothes

There are multiple reasons to choose organic clothes for your kids.


Regular cotton not only requires an immense amount of water for the production of cotton, but it also needs lots of water to turn cotton into a fiber and make this fiber a color of choice. Cotton also requires to use of a lot of pesticides to prevent crop loss and lots of fertilizers to make cotton grow as fast as possible. Some of these pesticides may even be harmful to your health. So, overall, regular cotton is not very healthy. Organic cotton is much safer for your skin as only natural and biodegradable pesticides are allowed and fewer fertilizers are used.


Our skin is very absorbent. The smaller the child, the larger the surface area to volume ratio which means all the chemicals present in regular cotton is absorbed easier into the skin. We choose skincare products for our kids that are labels ‘natural’ and ‘for sensitive skin’ yet we don’t pay much attention to their clothes. As we wear clothes on our skin almost 24 hours a day, you can say clothing is skincare too, and should be as gentle for our skin as possible meaning we should avoid regular cotton.

Synthetic fibers

Over 60% of clothes are made with synthetic textiles derived from oil, like acrylic and nylon (AKA polyamide or PA), but mostly it is turned into polyester. When manufactured, washed, and worn, these clothes lose tiny plastic fibers that end up in the environment. When choosing natural materials, no microplastics end up in our environment.

The brands below are aimed at kids. Even though some of the brands also make clothing for babies, you can check our best organic baby clothes brands here.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing

20+ Eco KidsWear Brands


If you love bold, colorful prints for kidswear, you are going to adore Frugi Organic Kids Clothing. It all started in 2004 when the founder had difficulties finding clothes that fit over cloth diapers. Their mission was to show the world that you can create a great brand whilst upholding strong ethical and environmental standards. They work with organic cotton but they also make jackets and waterproof pants made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - Frugi

Seek Dry Goods

  • Materials: Organic Cotton - Recycled Polyester

  • Size Range: 8Y - 12Y

Seek Dry Goods was founded with a passion for exploring and traveling. As virgin materials often harm our environment they only use recycled polyester when the garments demand synthetic fiber. Mixed with organic cotton this result in gorgeous eco-friendly kidswear that both you and your children will love. Their collection is made in the USA and not only supports independent artists but also brings jobs to local communities.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - seek dry goods


In 2015, Jaya Iyer, the founder, realized there was a market gap for kids who like things that aren’t “gender traditional”. So, she decided to use her industry expertise to team up and create a line of products aimed at changing the landscape of the children’s apparel industry. Svaha developed its first line of products and received funding by launching a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $30K!

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - svaha

Smaller Things

Alecia and Jon, the founders of Smaller Things are parents to two young boys on a mission to create a purpose-driven business that not only prioritizes the planet but its people through functional design, innovative organic materials, and a little bit of childhood magic. They want to create kidswear that can be washed a million times and still be beautiful and wearable with fabrics that are gentle to our planet. They believe even the smaller things they do, say, think, and create can make a difference.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - smaller things

Crann Organic

The founder of Crann Organics knew the struggle of getting kids dressed in the morning. Their kids didn’t want to get dressed simply because their clothes were not comfortable. The clothing they wore routinely made them uncomfortable, even cotton. It even contributed to their eczema, and nothing we did made it any better. Rather than treating symptoms, they began a mission to address the cause of their discomfort - the clothing itself. Which was the beginning of Crann Organics.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - crann organic

Little & Lively

  • Materials: Bamboo - Organic Cotton

  • Size Range: Newborn - 14Y

This Canada-based company makes are their kidswear ethically in-house. Guided by their core values, they look forward to continuing to provide beautiful, safe, and high-quality clothing for you and your family. By keeping their profit margins low, they focus on long-term growth with environmental stewardship and fair labor practices at the forefront. This gives them the ability to take care of the planet and its people while remaining affordable to as many people as possible.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - little & lively


  • Materials: 100% Pre-Consumer Organic Cotton Fabric

  • Size Range: 1Y - 6Y

Give your child a completely original look with the shirt from Nudnik! By using pre-consumer textile scraps and 100% GOTS Certified and OEKO TEX Certified organic cotton they make the most unique pieces of clothing. Produced in a Fair Trade and Upmade Certified facility, their clothes are super soft, durable, and very sustainable.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - nudnik

Finn and Emma

At Fin and Emma, garments are made with soft GOTS-certified organic cotton using only non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes that have our planet in mind. Everything they produce is ethically made, mainly by women in developing countries that are paid a living wage while they work in a safe workspace. They help create conditions that enable them to build better lives for both themselves and their families. In short, you can’t go wrong with the products from Finn and Emma both for the environment and the planet.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - finn and emma


At 1212 they believe in finding healthier alternatives for our children and our planet. Therefore, they created the softest, non-toxic fabric in careful consideration of both your baby’s skin and the environment. They aim to take the guesswork out of getting your kids dressed, and designed the best eco kidswear for playtime, naptime, and all through the night. Their designs are refreshing and minimalistic which modern parents can appreciate.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - 1212

Tenth and Pine

At Tenth and Pine, they have a love for all-natural, organic fabrics. They only use the highest quality GOTS-certified organic materials for their apparel. This results in clothing that is not only amazingly soft it is also perfect for sensitive skin and sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, all their products are made in the USA, working with factories that share their core values. Practicing eco-friendly production methods with fair and safe working conditions for their employees.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - tenth and pine

Conscious Step

Conscious step does not only consider your baby’s skin by using only fair-trade organic cotton produced in safe and fair working conditions, but they are also considerate of other communities. They have donated thousands of books to children in need in Asia and Africa and donated even more meals to prevent kids from going hungry. By purchasing kidswear from a conscious step you will make sure that the money you spend ends up in the right place.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - conscious step


Hello Jackalo has been a very popular choice for eco-friendly parents for years now, and for good reason. Their organic children’s clothes are built to last years. They even have a program where you can send Jackalo’s used products back for a discount on your next purchase. Each piece is made to last 2 years vs the traditional 1 year for sizing – giving the kids more room to grow with each piece of clothing.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - jackalo


At Pact, they don't just claim sustainability, they certify it. They proudly partner with Fair Trade USA, Global Organic Textile Standard, and SimpliZero to ensure their products, and their processes, support both people and the planet. Because their kidswear is GOTS certified, their organic farms ensure cleaner air, better soil, safer farming, and fewer toxins in our tees compared to regular cotton farming practices. SimpliZero helps them measure the impact of every single product, and offset it through reforestation, renewable energy, and community projects that neutralize carbon from the atmosphere. Their certified fair-trade factories make sure that all employees have a safe working environment, community support, and additional development funds for those working on-site.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - pact

Burt's Bees

We all know Burts Bees because of their baby-friendly skincare, but they also produce organic children's clothing. They produce ethical clothes with sustainable materials that also support local communities. They even work with charities on a national level to help fund and support disaster relief initiatives. This is in line with their fundamental belief to spread well through kindness, thoughtfulness, and awareness.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - burts bees

Little Planet

Using only certified organic cotton, Little Planet makes gorgeous eco-kidswear. Crafted from the purest organic fabrics and sustainable materials, they return to simplicity. Thoughtful essentials and timeless pieces that will last years.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - little planet

Moon and Back

Each piece of Moon and Back is designed for hand-me-down happiness so you are sure you purchase quality. Using only premium fabrics that are both comfortable and safe as these are all Oeko-Tex certified. Having both the planet and your child's body in mind.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - moon and back

The Honest Company

You shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what is good for you. That is the motto of the brand the Honest Company. Their products range from eco-friendly diapers to skincare to eco-kidswear. All products air to protect your kid's skin as well as aim for a greener planet.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - honest

MakeMake Organics

Makemake Organics is a conscious and sustainable brand that produces high-quality products made with the softest organic fabrics. Their beautiful products are designed in Florida and ethically made in India. All fabrics are GOTS-certified organic and fair trade meaning they impact hundreds of lives, most of whom are women in India positively. Due to their superior fabric, they can create higher quality products that are softer, breathable, and much more gentle on the skin.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - makemake organics


Mightly is a colorful eco-kidswear brand that has stolen hearts. Started by Eloise and her mother, Tierra, to make a dream come true: create the coolest organic kid's clothing on the market. Using only the best organic cotton available, they make all their apparel with love. They have lots of boy and girl options but there are gender-neutral options as well.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - mightly

SoulMate Socks

  • Materials: Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester

  • Size Range: Newborn - 11Y

It seems like socks are always going missing and wildly mismatching socks become an all-too-common, sometimes weird fashion statement. Marianne Wakerlin, the founder, was inspired by this common quandary when she dreamed up the idea for Solmate Socks. She thought life is too short for matching socks! and went forth creating colorful, cozy, beautifully made socks (that don't match...on purpose!).

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - soulmate


  • Materials: Bamboo - Organic Cotton

  • Size Range: newborn - 14Y

Finding the right pajama for your kids can be a struggle. They want something soft, you want something eco-friendly. Luckily, there is bamboo fabric that is both sustainable and extremely soft for our skin making it a great choice for pajamas.

Eco KidsWear Brands - Original Organic Children’s Clothing - bellabubear

More Eco-Friendly with Kids

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