Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes

Up until a while ago, plastic lunch boxes were the way to go. They are everywhere available and they are very convenient as they are easy to use and easy to clean. However, there is a big downside, they are not very sustainable. As they are plastic, they are made from a fossil non-renewable resources. The exact formulas to make plastic is kept a secret by the manufacturers and the effect plastics might have on the human body in the long term is still unknown (as plastic has not been around that long). All the more reason the find a more sustainable alternative to store your lunch plastic free when you are at work or on the go.

Eco-friendly lunch boxes

I love the bento boxes from When on the go I prefer to take my lunch with me and this round bento box is perfect for me. It is plastic-free, completely made from stainless steel, and leakproof due to silicone. It is not too big so it fits easily into my bag but it is large enough to contain my lunch. This is usually last night leftover or a salad full of vegetables. I have a small round container for freshly cut fruit as well.

Silicone is made from natural resources (silica which is present in sand) but it needs to be heavily processed to make it into the silicone. Usually, it is something I try to avoid (because it is heavily processed) but when making something leak proof it is the best non-plastic alternative.

I am using their bamboo spork (which practically lives in my bag) as well because it is very convenient, completely plastic-free, and looks adorable. My daughter loves to eat with it as well.

Eco-friendly lunch boxes

For my little girl, I have a box with an extra compartment. She prefers bread on the go but I would like her to eat some fruit as well. As fruit contains a lot of moisture, this can make the bread soggy so multiple compartments are needed to keep everything tasty. What I also love about these containers is that they are completely dishwasher safe. No need to wash them by hand.

Eco-friendly lunch boxes
reusable sandwich bag

My man also likes to eat bread for lunch but he eats a lot more than my baby girl and he also eats his lunch while taking a walk in the park near his job. So, a reusable sandwich bag is more suitable for him. This lunch bag can easily fit up to 6 sandwiches and when there are only crumbs in there, he just shakes them out and uses it again the next day. These are so easy to use because when they need cleaning you just turn them inside out and put them in the washing machine. It doesn’t get easier than that.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for how to package your lunch to save some money by not purchasing lunch at work or for when you are on the go.

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