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Why I love my Earthlove Box

Updated: Feb 17

Nothing beats the feeling of getting a pretty package full of exciting little things. But all the plastic packaging and international air shipping may spoil the joy for eco-friendly people. So the companies responded. There are quite a few companies offering sustainable subscription boxes now. Let’s take a look at Earthlove - an exciting newcomer that has been getting tons of positive feedback.

Who is Earthlove?

Earthlove was created in Washington state in 2018. Its founder Serina is also the owner of Spirit Wild Farm, a sustainable farm and natural apiary. Earthlove was made to spread Serina’s philosophy beyond Washington by familiarising people with sustainable brands and giving them tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

Earthlove boxes contain products that are ethically responsible, cruelty-free, organic, gluten-free, and fair-trade. The packaging is zero waste too. What is so great about these boxes is that you can choose whether you want a vegan or a “beegan” box. Beegan boxes contain insect products from ethical farms, including Spirit Wild Farm. If you’d prefer, there’s always a fully vegan option as well. Earthlove partners with many artisans and small businesses in the US and Canada, so don’t expect any mass-market goods in your box.

Finally, for every box Earthlove partners with an environmental non-profit. In the past it has worked with organizations like Coral Reef Alliance or OneTreePlanted.


What is included?

Unlike some other subscription boxes, Earthlove is really about a sustainable lifestyle as a whole and doesn’t focus on a particular product category. That’s clearly an advantage for “sustainability beginners” since it teaches you to be mindful of the items you use in every area of your life. It is also a great way to get to know small brands you wouldn’t come across in your hometown, especially if you don’t live in a big city.

Every box has from 8 to 10 items, with all of them being full-sized products. That’s definitely a plus since travel-sized products create waste that can be easily avoided.

One thing you can expect to get in every box is a book, which supports the company’s claim that they want to inform people about making good choices. From date syrup to cookie bites, snacks are very common too. Then there are usually several cosmetics products like makeup and skincare. In the past, the customers also got wooden spoons from rural Kenya, a Whale Beach Tote bag, an apron made from scraps, and many other creative sustainable items.

Earthlove box review

Which Box to choose

There are several types of boxes you can choose from.

  • Seasonal Subscription Box

Seasonal Subscription is the main Earthlove product. The boxes are sent - you guessed it - once every season in March, June, September, and December. If you want to try it out, choose the quarterly subscription to get one box for $59.95. When you opt for the annual subscription, you get the boxes for the same price, but in this case, they will be delivered for free (US shipping only).

  • Limited edition boxes

Besides the seasonal boxes, Earthlove offers some special edition boxes. For example, in May you could order a Mother’s Day gift box with some fan-favorite products and a card with a customized note. Right now there’s also a Global Sustainability Box available. It features products from all over the world, such as chai tea from Afghanistan farmers and a necklace from India. The fact that these items will have to be shipped internationally and most likely by air is a downside you should be mindful of. However, partnering with companies from developing countries means your money will end up in the hands of people who truly need it.

  • Mystery Box

Earthlove subscription box review

The mystery box is my personal favorite. I love surprises and often having a hard time choosing what I want so having someone decide for me is a huge time saver. I choose a large vegan box as I am allergic to beeswax. My box was stuffed with a whooping 8 items. One of them was a book about natural health and making your own balms which the DIYer in my loves. A bar of chocolate, a shampoo bar, a can of tea, a lotion (with a lovely smell), and a toothbrush was also in my box and products I use. There were also 2 pieces of jewelry in there that were not really my thing but I have a friend who would love these as a gift. Overall this was an awesome choice for me and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to give themself a gift sometimes.

  • Build your own box

This is an option for people who don’t want to get any surprises. And that’s perfectly understandable since the last thing you’d want is getting a product that would have to go to waste. Not every item from the boxes is available through this option, but the selection is quite wide nonetheless. Many products on the list can’t be purchased directly from the manufacturer and with Earthlove you can be sure you’re choosing a great sustainable intermediary.


Earthlove is a transparent sustainable company that can introduce you to the products you wouldn’t know otherwise. Their seasonable boxes are a great option for people who are just starting out on their sustainability journey. It can also be an amazing gift if you don’t know what exactly to get for the person. However, if you have been living a sustainable lifestyle for a while now or if you live in a big city with many sustainable products available, you should think carefully about whether you will be able to make use of every product. Earthlove lets you suspend or cancel your subscription, but you can’t return a product or opt out of it. However, that is the case with the most subscription boxes. So if you want to try one, Eartlove is definitely a great all-around sustainable option.

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