Cloth diaper essentials

Updated: May 28

I am very happy with my cloth diapers. Not only do they save me a lot of money, but they are also very eco-friendly and they look adorable. A while ago my baby girl was running around in only a white cloth diaper with red heats. It was so adorable. It really made my day because she looked so cute.

When you are using cloth diapers there are a few items that are essential to add to make cloth diapering a lot easier. Here you read an overview of what I am using.

Cloth diaper essentials

reusable baby wipes

Cloth baby wipes and a small container or sprayer 

When you are using cloth diapers, using cloth wipes is not such a big deal anymore. I store my reusable baby wipes wet in a container that can easily be opened and closed with one hand. Not everyone likes the idea of storing wet wipes so a different option could be wetting the wipes prior to use either in a small bowl or using a sprayer. Next, to baby bums, I also use the wipes for faces, either my kids or my own or, in and around the house. I have a very large stash of wipes and I use them for everything. When I have used the wipes I put them in a large wet bag.

Large wet bag

I store the diapers in a large wet bag which is positioned right next to the changing table. As this is in the middle of the living room I wanted it to look nice. This large wet bag is in a nice looking garbage bin. This can be closed to contain the smell but it is not airtight. When I have to wash the diapers, I put this large wet bag into the washing machine and then turn it inside out. This is a bit of a hassle but at least I don’t have to touch the diapers. 

Small wet bag

This is very convenient for when you are on the go or for the daycare to store dirty diapers. Back home I turn this wet bag inside out in the large wet bag. This small wet bag is then also washed.

Mini wet bag

In this wet bag, I store wet cloth wipes for in the go. After use, I put them in the other wet bag with dirty diapers.

Washing detergent

Here you can read an extended version on how to wash cloth diapers. Do not try to save money on detergent for your cloth diapers. I use this one. As, according to a test of the Dutch Consumers Association, it is the best available in the Netherlands. Dirty diapers are the dirtiest type of laundry you can think of and these have to be properly clean or your little one might suffer from it. When there is a discount I buy this in bulk. My other laundry I do with cheaper laundry detergent. I know there are special cloth diaper detergents out there and there are a lot of opinions about whether or not there are good for diapers. I personally think it is way overpriced and the detergent I am using now works great so I am not going to look further and try new things.

Cloth diaper essentials

Drying rack

Air-drying is the best drying method for cloth diapers. It saves a lot of energy and makes your diapers last longer. The downside is that, especially in winter, it might take a long time for your diapers to dry. During the summer I can dry them outside then it takes a few hours to dry. I do not have a drying so for me this is the only solution. A small drying rack is used for inserts and covers. This one is also great for socks and reusable kitchen towels

Onesie extenders

onesie extender is very convenient when your baby does not fit into the onesies anymore because of the diaper. It is an insert for the onesies to extends the bottom of the onesie in-between your baby’s legs for about 10cm (4inch).

There are several more accessories that can be used when you are cloth diapering like a special glove to pick up dirty diapers or special sprayer to rinse the diapers from poo above the toilet. I personally don’t use these as I am content with the above-mentioned essentials. 

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