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My Breech Birth

Updated: Apr 3

Note that in this article Dutch protocols are mentioned. These might differ from other parts of the world.

Finding out about the breech position

When I finally reached 37 weeks of pregnancy, I was very happy. This meant I was allowed to give birth at home (with a midwife off course) if everything went as plan (this is rather common in the Netherlands, about 28% of the pregnant women give birth at home and optional. You could also you to a hospital if you prefer). I was born 4 weeks early so there was a possibility I would give birth too early too.

The days past by way too slowly and I reached the 40 weeks pregnancy landmark. Apparently, my little one was very comfortable in my belly and wanted to stay there a little while longer. As I passed the due date, I was checked more often by the midwife. If you want, it is also possible the midwife detaches the cervix from the membranes with the fingers when performing a toucher (stripping).