Benefits of Babywearing

When you become a mom, your maternal instinct wants to keep your baby as close as possible. The first few weeks this is still doable as your partner might still be at home. When he/she goes back to work again, you suddenly notice that you are about 2 hands short. Wearing your baby in a wrap or carrier might be the solution. Besides mom having her hands free, there are other benefits of wearing your baby. 

Babies who are worn will cry less. They constantly hear the soothing sound of moms heartbeat and breathing which calms your baby. They also attune to the heartbeat, breathing, and movements of the parent. This helps the development and functioning of the nerve-system of your little one. 

Worn babies are smarter and learn better. These babies feel safe and secure. They can observe their environment much better when the parent is moving around. They will also respond better to external stimuli. 

Because babies are worn in an upright position, they will suffer less of the discomfort of reflux after feeding.

Babywearing is not only beneficial for your baby. There are also benefits for the parent. Babywearing enhances the bond between parent and baby (especially with the partner) which helps the emotional and neurological development. Skin to skin contact makes the body produce oxytocin (the love hormone) enhancing the bond with your baby. 

Carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier is less heavy compared to carrying your baby in your arms. In a wrap/carrier, the weight of your baby is not on your arms and shoulders but on your hips. 

The last advantage of babywearing I want to mention is freedom. Everywhere I can come, I can also come with my baby worn in a wrap. A couple of months ago we went to Slovenia. Of course, we went without a stroller and our holiday was not that different than without kids. We hiked up mountains and through forests, visited lovely villages and busy cities. All this was easy as our little girl was on my or my partners back and we weren’t fiddling with a stroller. 

Babywearing can, especially in the beginning, feel like an impossible task. These movies have learned me how to tie a woven wrap. It takes some practice but when done right it is very comfortable.

Would you like to wear your baby but you can’t make it work with these movies? Book a babywearing consultant. They are everywhere and love to help you wear your baby. I did this when I want to learn a back carry which I thought was pretty scary in the beginning.

Have fun wearing your baby!

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