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10+ Amazing Benefits of Babywearing

Updated: 6 days ago

When you become a mom, your whole world changes. Your maternal instinct kicks in and you want to keep your baby as close as possible all the time. This is normal as humans are carrying animals (just like monkeys). For the first few weeks, this is still doable as your partner might still be at home to do something in and around the house for you. But when they go back to work, you suddenly notice that you are about 2 hands short. Wearing your baby in a wrap or carrier might be the solution. Besides having your hands free while keeping your baby close, there are other benefits of wearing your baby.

You get to know your baby better

When you have your baby close to you all the time, you learn to recognize small signs your baby makes. Research has shown that babywearing moms are more likely to interact contingently in response to their baby's cues meaning these moms will respond sooner when a baby requires some attention from their caregiver.


Bonding with your child