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9 Great Reasons to boycot Amazon

Updated: 6 days ago

It is a rainy Thursday evening; you are bored and have absolutely nothing interesting to do, you are scrolling down an endless social media news feed. And then your gaze wanders to your laptop, and you remember you saw an ad for a cute little mug/shirt/sofa (choose as necessary) and immediately go to Amazon's site to buy and order it. (And it would be awesome, if possible, to receive it the next day because you really really need it.) It is unusually convenient to buy stuff from your couch without the need to drive to the store and face dull salespeople and wait in line to pay for it. Not to mention you do not have to worry a little bit about taking it home. You just have to click, pay and wait a day or two. Magnificent, isn't it? Really? Is it really magnificent? Let's rewind a little bit and think about what just had happened.

  1. Of course, you did not actually need a new cute little mug/shirt/sofa, nor did you need it on a rainy Thursday evening. Because we are bombed with ads and commercials every single second of our lives, we start to believe we need things. But we do not need them; we want them: and here comes Amazon supporting this excessive consumerism. There is a major and significant difference between need and want. The fact you were bored and you had your laptop and credit card lying around, does not justify the impulse shopping at all.

Have you ever thought about trying intentional living? Intentional living is, among other things, honestly thinking about what you are buying and what is the purpose of that particular item. Do you actually need it? Will you use it regularly or barely at all? Do you have something of similar purpose already at home? Where will you put it? Ask yourself those questions every time you see something cute you just have to buy. Do not go online shopping only because you are bored. Read a book, bake a cake, find a hobby. The possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, suppose this is not enough to discourage you from pointless buying from Amazon; keep reading, there are plenty more reasons to consider.