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10 easy ways to live sustainably with your parents

Updated: 6 days ago

So, you have decided to adopt a sustainable lifestyle–way to go! Avoiding plastic as much as possible, recycling paper, metal, and glass, and turning the water off while brushing teeth, among others, are your regular habits.

But you still live with your parents, they do not follow your sustainability rules, and it is hard to get them into doing so.

As the Chinese proverb says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; the same goes for sustainability. It is challenging to change long-engrained routines for everyone. You have to take it slow and should be prepared to openly communicate with them, explaining why sustainability is important to you, and why it is crucial for the environment. If you cannot come to an agreement, do not argue; try talking to them again in a while; maybe they have too much on their mind at the moment. A sustainable lifestyle is a process, and if they are not into it at the moment, do not underestimate the power one person has–you.