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Zero Waste Bathroom · 21 februari 2020
Need some inspiration on how to reduce the amount of plastic us use in the bathroom? Read about my zero waste skin care routine.
Zero Waste Kitchen · 15 februari 2020
Trying to reduce your food waste is a great way to up your zero wasting journey.

Natural Parenting · 07 februari 2020
Make the time right after birth more sustainable with these 4 tips for a plastic free postpartum.
Zero Waste Kitchen · 31 januari 2020
Make your daily dishes more eco-friendly with these 4 tips.

Zero Waste Living · 24 januari 2020
Living with someone with different values in life can be a challenge. Here you can read a few tips to help your non-Zero Waste roommate live more sustainable.
Zero Waste Kitchen · 17 januari 2020
Choosing glass over plastic might seem the obvious choice when going zero waste. However, the difference in greenhouse gas emission between the 2 might surprise you.

Natural Parenting · 10 januari 2020
Congratulations, you are pregnant! This is such a magical and wonderful but it can also be very wasteful when you are not careful. Here you can read 6 tips to make your pregnancy as sustainable as possible.
Zero Waste Living · 03 januari 2020
Awesome that you are considering making your life more sustainable. It really means a lot to me that more and more people are trying to make an effort to make our planet a little bit better. Here you can read 6 tips to start your zero waste journey.

Natural Parenting · 27 december 2019
Forming a strong bond with your child is an important part of their emotional development but also into your development as a parent. These 5 books about attachment parenting will give you inspiration and new insights as a parent.
Zero Waste Living · 20 december 2019
Are you on the road often or are you planning a long trip by car? Read here 6 tips to make your road trip more zero waste.

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