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HappyMomStudio is a side project of GreenandHappyMom to help women like you in their daily life. The HappyMomStudio is an Etsy Shop with printables to help you keep organized with everything that is going on in your life. Including printable planners to keep overview your days, weeks or months and printables to help you become pregnant, prepare for your baby and the time after.


Recently digital planners have been added in you prefer a paperless, zero waste office. 

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How to create printables

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- About me -

Hi there!


How nice you came to find your way to my blog.


My name is Valinda, a 30 something mom and a bit of a planner addict.


After having a very rough start with my baby girl, I wanted to help other women with their babies as well. All these kinds of printables and more can by found in my Etsy shop.


Lots of love,



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