Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Living · 23 augustus 2019
Save money while going zero waste.
Zero Waste Living · 16 augustus 2019
Traveling by plane will never be very eco-friendly but with these tips you can make it as eco-friendly as possible.

Zero Waste Living · 09 augustus 2019
How eco-friendly is your jeans?
Zero Waste Living · 02 augustus 2019
Sometimes reading blog posts just won’t do and you need something more solid to read. Here you can find a list with 10 great zero waste books to just curl up on the couch with on a rainy day.

Zero Waste Living · 04 juli 2019
These 20 items are easy to refuse to make your life more zero waste.
Zero Waste Living · 07 juni 2019
With these 10+ tips you are ready to go zero waste camping this summer.

Zero Waste Living · 26 april 2019
Not all plastics are the same. Here you can read more about the different types of plastic out there.
Zero Waste Living · 05 april 2019
Here is a list with zero waste mothers day gift idea so you can give your mom a sustainable present.

Zero Waste Living · 01 maart 2019
When you start your zero waste journey, paper is often the first choice. However, there are also lots of downsides to paper products.
Zero Waste Living · 01 februari 2019
Not all gifts or loving gesture have to be 'stuff'. Read here 8 zero waste Valentine's day gifts for your loved one.

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