Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Living · 04 July 2019
These 20 items are easy to refuse to make your life more zero waste.
Zero Waste Living · 07 June 2019
With these 10+ tips you are ready to go zero waste camping this summer.

Zero Waste Living · 26 April 2019
Not all plastics are the same. Here you can read more about the different types of plastic out there.
Zero Waste Living · 05 April 2019
Here is a list with zero waste mothers day gift idea so you can give your mom a sustainable present.

Zero Waste Living · 01 March 2019
When you start your zero waste journey, paper is often the first choice. However, there are also lots of downsides to paper products.
Zero Waste Living · 01 February 2019
Not all gifts or loving gesture have to be 'stuff'. Read here 8 zero waste Valentine's day gifts for your loved one.

Zero Waste Living · 25 January 2019
Second-hand shopping is gaining in popularity. Here you will read 7 advantages to visit your local second-hand shop.
Zero Waste Living · 04 January 2019
Initially it might seem like be a big step to reduce your waste production. But, if you take small steps, it becomes much more manageable while you can still make an impact on the environment.

Zero Waste Living · 30 November 2018
10+ zero waste gift ideas to give you man for christmas or his birthday.
Zero Waste Living · 27 July 2018
Hemp, cotton or bamboo. Which is right for you? These 3 natural fibers all have different pros and cons which you will find here so you can make the right decision which suits you best.

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