Personal Stories

Personal Stories · 17 May 2019
After having several miscarriages, my gynecologist did several medical tests to hopefully find the cause.
Personal Stories · 28 December 2018
Things not to say to new moms with a postnatal depression.

Personal Stories · 21 December 2018
Sometimes it can be nice to talk someone who has been through the same as you have. This was certainly the case with my breechbirth.
Personal Stories · 14 December 2018
How it feels like to have multiple miscarriages.

Personal Stories · 11 November 2018
Reducing antidepressants after a severe postpartum depression.
Personal Stories · 02 November 2018
How it feels like to have a miscarriage.

Personal Stories · 19 October 2018
Being diagnosed with PostPartum depression and what is happening next.
Personal Stories · 05 October 2018
How people experience a depression differs a lot per person. Here you can read a list of symptoms that often occur with new moms with a postnatal depression.

Personal Stories · 14 September 2018
The first consultation with my psychiatrist after my physician suspected a post natal depression.
Personal Stories · 07 September 2018
You know you need mental help but I might take a while before an institution has time and space for you.

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