Do you want to know more about reducing your waste production? In this blog, GreenandHappyMom, I want to help you lower your carbon footprint to make our planet a little better. Avoiding unnatural materials like plastic is hard, especially when you have kids. In my blog you can find information and examples to make your life more eco-friendly as I love for you to live a greener life. 

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10+ zero waste gift ideas to give you man for christmas or his birthday.
Compared to the well know disposable paper towels, unpaper kitchen towels are a great alternative.
Hemp, cotton or bamboo. Which is right for you? These 3 natural fibers all have different pros and cons which you will find here so you can make the right decision which suits you best.
Initially it might seem like be a big step to reduce your waste production. But, if you take small steps, it becomes much more manageable while you can still make an impact on the environment.

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How nice you came to find your way to my blog. 


My name is Valinda, a 30 something mom and a total cloth diapering junkie. 


I try to live my life as eco-friendly as possible and hopefully I can provide you with some tips too. 


Next, to green tips, you'll also find very personal stories here as I am currently fighting (and on the winning side) a PND. Hopefully, I can help some new moms who are fighting as well.


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