6 Tips to start your Zero Waste Journey

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Awesome that you are considering making your life more sustainable. It really means a lot to me that more and more people are trying to make an effort to make our planet a little bit better. Here you can read 6 tips to start your zero waste journey. 

6 tips to start your zero waste journey

Use what you have. Living more sustainably doesn’t mean you should buy more alternatives to the ones your currently have. It is much more important to completely wear out everything you have before purchasing a more sustainable alternative.


Reusable bottle. Reusing a plastic bottle until it completely wears out is fine but opt for a more sustainable stainless steel option for your next bottle. If you also like warms drinks on the go like coffee, tea or maybe even hot chocolate, opt for an insulated bottle. This not only can keep your drink warm, it can also keep your water cool in summer.

Shopping bag. I never leave the house without a cotton shopping bag. Again, if you have plastic ones laying around, you can use those. Don’t just trow them away because they are plastic. Use them until they are no longer usable and then go for a cotton one.


Toothbrush. Most toothbrushes are made out of plastic. After a couple months of use, they are thrown in the trash and end up in landfills. For your next purchase, go for a bamboo one. Bamboo grows very fast (2,5 times faster compared to cotton) and is naturally antibacterial.

6 tips to start your zero waste journey

Lunch box/bag. I use a plastic one because I purchased that one years ago and it still works fine. Bringing your lunch with you is a great way to reduce waste and save some money by not going out for lunch. Reusable lunch bags are great for your homemade sandwiches and other finger foods. When not dirty (only crumbs) I just shake them out and use the bag again. When the bag is dirty, I turn them inside out and simply put them in the washing machine. These bags are made with PUL and can be used again and again, saving you a lot of disposable plastic bags. These bags are also great as a small snack bag for kids. If you don’t like bread for lunch, you could opt for a stainless steel lunch box. These are dishwasher friendly, lightweight and some even microwave safe (check beforehand!). Some are insulated to keep your meal warm for hours. 

Know what you eat. We all know that eating less animal products would be better for the environment. However, going vegan over night is a big adjustment and will likely result in failure if you were a meat eater before. When you are used to eating meat every day, try eating 1 vegetarian meal a week (remember, take baby steps. Every step counts no matter how small). Are you already eating vegetarian, try eating vegan every once in a while.


I hope these small steps will encourage you to make for small steps in your zero waste journey. 

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