7 tips for a Zero Waste Baby Shower

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Hurray! There is a baby in the way! You would like to organize a baby shower or you would like to organize one for someone else and you would like to do that as sustainably as possible. Read here 7 tips to make a zero waste baby shower.

7 tips for a zero waste baby shower

Send the people you want to invite a digital invitation. A paper invitation will almost always end up in landfills after a couple of weeks. Read here more about the downsides of paper. Just like a paper invitation, a digital invitation can also be designed just the way you like it. Lots of websites offer this service so you can create an invitation the way you want.

Ask for sustainable gifts for baby and mom. Read here about zero waste baby gifts and other essential baby items for the registry. Have you ever thought about asking for secondhand gifts? Babies can grow very fast and sometimes changes clothing sizes every month. Other little ones also grow fast so clothes are often worn only a few times and they no longer fit. These clothes are still as new and can be worn by multiple kids. This also applies to shoes and toys. All as good as new but priced much better. 


Ask for gifts without wrapping paper. In the end, wrapping paper is just fancy colored trash. This also saves mom a lot of time of unwrapping presents when a lot of people were invited. This way a mom can spend more time with her guests. This might be a little uncomfortable but when formulated nicely (name mom… kindle requests any gifts to come unwrapped) people will more likely accept.

7 tips for a zero waste baby shower

Go for organic food during the baby shower. Go make your own snacks and cake or have a caterer do everything for you. Opt to make everything vegetarian or maybe even vegan as meat has a huge carbon footprint. Is the party at a different location? Discuss with the cook about the possibilities of vegetarian organic food.


Ditch the disposable decoration. I have a fabric flag line made from fabric scraps that I used with every party and occasion. These are much sturdier than the paper or plastic version, they look much better and can be washed when dirty. Flags made with onesies for the baby or with baby socks (rope + pegs) is a cute alternative. Even better, go outside and you don’t need decorations at all. 


Don’t use disposable plates and cutlery. Your own plates are fine. I personally think that disposable plates feel cheap and don’t like using them. Did you invite a lot of people? Opt to go to a (sustainable) location or maybe rent/borrow plates and cutlery. During my own baby shower, my mom did a quick hand wash off all the dirty plates. Some people had to wait a minute for a clean plate.


Play a baby shower game that does not create trash. For example; fold an old fashioned cloth diaper and pin it to a doll or stuffed animal. Trivia games with facts about the parents can be fun. What do you think about coloring reusable baby wipes? When the baby is born, these wipes can be used on the little one. 


I hope these 7 tips give you some inspiration to make the baby shower as sustainable as possible.  

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