Zero Waste Hair Removal

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Even tough body hair is completely natural, most of us don’t want it in certain places. Most of us shave our legs, armpits and, bikini line. Did you know that about 2 million razors are thrown away each year? These razors are practically impossible to recycle so we have to go for a different option.

The first option is to just stop shaving and let it grow naturally. I greatly admire women who do that but I not confident enough to go for that option so I have to go for another option.


I use a safety razor to shave my armpits and bikini line. This is much more sustainable compared to a disposable razor. A disposable razor is often made out of plastic and disposed of after a couple of uses. This is not so great for the environment. A safety razor is completely made out of chrome making it completely recyclable. The razor blades are replaceable and a blunt blade is again completely recyclable.

Disposable razors may sound cheaper as you pay about 3-4€/$ each. A safety razor will set you back about around 25€/$ but it will last a lifetime. A new blade will cost you about 1€/$ each. You need a new one about each month. So in the long run, a safety razor is much cheaper. I shave wet in the shower without the use of shaving cream. If this is not for you, you could make your own shaving cream or you could use soap as a shaving cream. This very simple DIY zero waste shaving cream is great for women with very dry skin. It has 2 parts shea butter, 2 parts coconut oil and 1 part aloe vera. A part can be 10 gram or 1 once or whatever amount you would like to work with as long as the proportions are the same. Melt all the ingredients together, put everything in a jar and there you have your shaving cream.  

Zero Waste hair removal

For my legs, I use an epilator. Yes, it is partially made of plastic but it is working for me for years now. The first few times using it were painful but this became less and less over time. Now it is just annoying but not painful anymore. The big advantage of using an epilator is that the hairs stay away longer and some don’t come back at all.

I use my epilator only once a week during summer and every other week during winter. I am a natural blond so also the hairs on my legs are blond meaning stubbles are almost invisible in the beginning. I use my epilator right after I took a shower and gave my legs a good scrub. My epilator is suitable for both wet and dry use but I don’t like using it under the shower. Using an epilator took some time getting used to but now it works great for me.


Other options for zero waste hair removal are an electric shaver, laser, sugar waxing or even plucking with hand tweezers. What is your preferred method to get rid of unwanted hair?

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