8 reasons to write a breastfeeding plan

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You prepare for the arrival of your little one. You have read all the interesting books about pregnancy, you read all about all the possible deliveries and you did attend a class to prepare you for the big day. In short, you are ready for your baby to arrive… or maybe not. You want to breastfeed and you read a lot about it. You can prepare even better by writing a breastfeeding plan.

8 reasons to write a breastfeeding plan

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing but it is not as easy as it might sounds. Some moms encounter difficulties so it is important to think about some things prior to labor. Some things you just don’t want to think about during or right after labor. A clear breastfeeding plan let the people around you know what you expect from them regarding the breastfeeding.


For Whom


When you have written a breastfeeding plan, it is important to let your partner know. Next to supporting you during labor, he/she can answer questions from the midwife/gynecologist/doctor regarding breastfeeding. This way you can completely focus on the delivery.

Next to discussing it with your partner, it is also a good idea to talk about your breastfeeding plan with your doula/midwife/gynecologist. This is to prevent anything from happing that is ‘standard’ in their eyes because ‘most women’ want it like that. Maybe you don’t agree with this as you are not ‘most women’. So, it is important to let these wishes be known. Also, let maternity care know about your plan so they can take it into account just as the people visiting. The latter don’t have to know everything in detail but let them know what you expect from them.

8 reasons to write a breastfeeding plan

What is in it?


Naturally, it has the names and phone numbers of all the important people regarding the delivery. Like the lactation consultant, midwife, doula and maybe the doctor or gynecologist. Also, include your due date.


It includes if you want your baby to receive supplementary feeding and how this is given. Maybe you have pumped breastmilk prior to the delivery and you want your baby to receive that or maybe you want a certain type of formula to be used. Write about it in your plan. Also, mention how you want your baby to receive the supplementary feeding. There are alternative to the regular baby bottle like for example a breastfeeding aid set to imitate breastfeeding. 

Next to this, it is important to mention the medication you are using and from whom you would like help with breastfeeding.


Unfortunately, a breastfeeding plan is not as common as a delivery plan. Would you like to change this as you are by now convinced you need to write a breastfeeding plan as it can help you and your baby towards a successful breastfeeding time? Here you can find a breastfeeding plan with all the aspects to take into consideration when you want to breastfeed your baby.