8 zero waste valentine's gifts

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Valentine day, you love it or you hate it. I like it but I am not the one who likes exaggerated gestures of love. Large gifts are not for me. We all know that an extremely large teddybear that is meant as a loving gift will eventually end up in a landfill. Here are 8 zero waste gift ideas for you and your loved one. 

Zero waste valentine's day

Homemade cookies/cake/candy

As they say: The way to a man/woman's heart is through his/her stomach. So homemade goodies will be much appreciated. You could even use (frozen) raspberries to make pink colored candy. 


Home-cooked meal

Would you like a healthier alternative? Cook a fancy dinner. I am blessed with a man that can cook very well and loved to cook often. On Valentijns day you could make it a little fancier by adding an extra course or by making a special dessert.


Cooking lesson

Would you rather cook something new together? What do you think of a cooking lesson? Maybe you or your partner have some undiscovered talents. If not, you at least have a nice meal (hopefully).


Go for walk together

Is cooking not your thing or do you just not feel like it? Go for a nice walk in the forest or the beach. You could finish your walk with a dinner in a romantic restaurant.


Go visit a concert

Do you enjoy music? Go to a concert together! Buy concert tickets without your partner knowing and turn it into a surprise date night. You could even include dinner in a restaurant and/or book a night in a nice hotel.


Spend the night in a special place

Several years ago, I arranged a surprise overnight stay for the two of us in a lighthouse. This was a very special experience for both of us. All around the room we could see the sea. This way, waking up was magical. Of course, there are other special places to stay on our bucket list like: in a castle, a bunker, a tree house etc. The list continues to grow.


A day at a spa

Are you in need of some quiet time? Book a day at the spa! Spend a day relaxing and forget about work and home life for a while. You could even book a couples massage to complete this relaxing day.



Are you and your partner enjoy a fancy drink? How about a wine, whiskey or coffee tasting? Develop your tasting pallet by trying new flavors and finding out what you enjoy.


Zero waste valentine's day

Are you by now looking forward to Valentine's day? At least now you know that not all gifts or loving gestures have to contribute to landfill.

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