Finding other women who had a breech birth

In the Netherlands (where I live) 3,2% of the babies that are born a terme are in breech position. This is about 5000 per year. Only 15% of these babies are born vaginally. This means 750 breech births per year which might seem like a lot in a small country but we have over 100 hospitals were this is possible meaning 7 to 8 per year per hospital. This reduces the chance of finding someone who just like you has had a breech birth


When I was feeling a little bit better and wanted to be more social I went to a mom group that meets every two weeks in my city. I still do this as I like to meet other moms and my girl gets to meet other kids as well. A while ago, a few new moms came for a visit. They were telling about their birth stories. One had a baby that was born 4 weeks early. Another had a story that sounded very familiar to me. She told that her baby had been in breech position during her whole pregnancy but that they did a successful ECV. Unfortunately, her baby girl did not like the new position and turned back in breech position. Just like she was given two choices; have a C-section or try a breech birth. She also chooses the latter. 

Even though her story is very different from mine, as she knew beforehand that she was going to do a breech birth it was nice to talk to someone who has been through something similar. We shared our experiences and compared stories. She had to push for 1,5 hours while for me it was only 15 minutes. Next, to an episiotomy she had several other procedures to fasten the birth during the pushing phase while my girl was there immediately after the episiotomy. She had to stay in bed during the contractions while I got to walk around and take a shower if I wanted to. So, her birth experience was totally different from mine even though we gave birth in the same hospital. I really liked talking to someone who had been through a similar experience. To me, it felt like it helps me in the recovery of my postnatal depression.

other women breech birth

It was also nice that next to the breech birth we had more in common. Cloth diapers came up. Something I don’t talk about often with other moms as they often think its dirty and weird. She really wanted to use them but had difficulties finding a brand that suits her and her baby. I gave her a few tips and she borrowed a part of my cloth diaper stash to try. I always enjoy finding someone who is also enthusiastic about cloth diapers. They are so rare in my area.