ECV of my breech baby

After the OBGYN told me about the breech position of my baby girl, we discussed the possibilities. Please note that the protocols discussed here might differ from the protocols in your country. 

ECV on my baby in breech position

The first option was a C-section. I really did not want a C-section as it is a severe surgery that many people think to lightly about nowadays in my opinion. I only wanted a C-section as a last resort when either my life or my baby’s life was in danger. As my baby was estimated to be on the small size, I at least wanted to try a breech birth.


This was my second option. If my baby did not announce itself earlier than 42 weeks of pregnancy I would be induced. As my OBGYN had done multiple breech births and was confident that it could be done when everything goes well, I also considered this.

My third option was to do an ECV (external cephalic version) and have a normal delivery. If this was successful I could have the baby at home (in the Netherlands, this is very common, about 20% of the pregnant women give birth at home) so this was what I wanted to try first. She told me about the pros and the cons (a direct C-section in case something goes wrong) and I would be called if there was an available delivery room. 

ECV on my baby in breech position

After resting a couple of hours at home I was called and we (my boyfriend and I) went to the hospital. Offcourse, at moments like these you ran into the police who do random checkups on all drivers…. Luckily we had a very good reason to skip this and we could continue to the hospital. The delivery rooms in this hospital are nicely decorated. They want to give you a homy feel which I think they did a great job. Something you appreciate at moments like these.

2 gynecologists would do the ECV. One would get my baby’s bum out of my pelvis and slowly bringing it up while the other would try to bring her head and shoulders down. It felt really weird and my uterus cramped completely as soon they started. My little one was far down my pelvis already and was pretty stuck there which made this a difficult procedure. Both OBGYN’s were putting their full weight on their fists on my belly to try to make her change position. This was very painful and apparently very scary to look at if I was to believe my boyfriend. Unfortunately, this was not successful which meant I was going to try to do a breech birth. 


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