Baby in breech position

 Note that in this article Dutch protocols are mentioned. These might differ from other parts of the world.


When I finally reached 37 weeks of pregnancy, I was very happy. This meant I was allowed to give birth at home (with a midwife off course) if everything went as plan. I was born 4 weeks premature so it was possible that I would give birth too early too.


baby in breech position


The days passed by way too slowly and I reached the 40 weeks pregnancy landmark. Apparently, my little one was very comfortable in my belly and wanted to stay there just a little while longer. As I passed the due date, I was checked more often by my midwife. If you want, it is also possible the midwife detaches the cervix from the membranes with the fingers when performing a toucher (stripping). After the due date, I had two normal checkups with my midwife and they can to my house twice to perform a stripping. One of the last checkups was with an intern who did her internship with my midwife. She did some extra measurements on my baby en belly.


All this, unfortunately, did not result in spontaneous labor and I had to go to the hospital to check to the baby’s heart with a CTG. At first, not much interesting was shown (the baby did not move) and I received a glass of very sugary lemonade and one of the nurses shook my belly. This woke the baby up and she started to move a bit. Now a proper CTG could be made. Next, an OBGYN made an ultrasound of my belly to see if there was still enough amniotic fluid for the baby. As soon as the OBGYN put the device on my belly she saw that my baby was with her head up and her bum down.….



She was in breech position……



My head went completely blanc…….



This was my second push toward the PPD (here you can read more about that).

baby in breech position


The OBGYN was called to the OR but my boyfriend and I could stay till another OBGYN could come to answer some of our questions. This took maybe 10 minutes which I needed to process the information I just received. What I was wondering the most was; How is this possible? I saw 4 different midwives in the last 2 weeks and all were certain the baby was in the right position for birth. I clearly remember one of them saying: ‘Yes, here you can feel her head and shoulders and this is her bum’. This felt so weird as it was all just not true.


A different gynecologist came to us to discuss a new plan.


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